La chemise blanche

Yeah, I like to name my posts with french titles. Sounds more intellectual^^
Well, "la chemise blanche" simply means "the white blouse". 
And this stunning white one I got from PRIMARK in Frankfurt. Actually, I don't buy a lot of clothes there very often as I don't like the quality of some of the clothes. But in my opinion, this blouse is stunning and so I am curious, how long it will remain its prettiness.

A different chapter with accessories at Primark. I think you can get fashionable accessories for a very good price there.
I got the cross earrings at Primark as well and I think they will become my new favourite ones. I know I am a little late with this trend, but before I've only seen them in Urban Outfitters 'round here for a ridiculously high price.

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Hannah Lynn hat gesagt…

wunderschönes outfit!!
hab dich irgendwie aus zufall entdeckt und musste ziemlich schnell folgen. dein stil ist einfach voll mein ding.

liebe grüße,
die hannah