Summer Dip Dye

A lot of things happened since I last posted here, but I am still alive. I finally handed in my paper for the finals and my boyfriend and me got married so we are now husband and wife! <3 
I swore to myself that after the wedding I would dye my hair in some colour and that's what I did now. It is a subtle pinkish colour and will gradually fade away. Please don't hesitate to tell me how you like my looks.


Wedges: ebay// Shorts: H&M// Shirt: New Yorker// Flower Crown: etsy// Hair colour: Directions lilac mixed with pastel pink and diluted

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Veri M hat gesagt…

hey ich bin heute auf dein Blog gest0ßen und wollte dir mal sagen das ich dich echt übel hübsch finde :)