Life's a Constant Change

Hey guys, 

I am back. The last months were characterised by a lot of decisions, departures and thoughts about the future in general. A time of changes and new departures is dawning for me, my husband and a lot of very close friends. We all have come to the point where the (mostly) fun time of studying is coming to an end and will soon be replaced by the exciting - but also a little frightening -working life. 

Contrasted to this are my latest blog pics: I went to the park with my talented and gorgeous brother who took these stunning pictures. I think they look somehow down to earth and peaceful. My brother's tattoo underlines this: Just let life float.

What do you think?

Love, Nina 

Shoes: Dr. Martens// Laced bodysuit: Urban Outfitters// Bag & Jacket: vintage// Glasses: Accessorize

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