It's getting chillier again

Hey guys, no posts for such a long time, but it is not always easy to find time and also to get someone who actually takes the picture. Now Christmas is near again and the chilly winter evenings come closer.
The last months after my wedding I did not only dip dye my hair as you see above- I also got it dyed by the hairdresser in an auburn, Lana del Reyish colour. The colour itself was quite nice, but it did not match with my skin colour though. But now I'm back to blonde and will keep it (hopefully) longer. What do you think? 

Coat: Primark// Shoes: Bought from a friend// Disco pants: American Apparel//


Lisa hat gesagt…

So lovely :)

Vera hat gesagt…

tolles Outfit! Vor allem Mantel und Schuhe <3

Anastasia hat gesagt…

great look)