Welcome to my Fashion and DIY Blog ♥

It might not surprise you a lot, but I am absolutely in love with fashion.
I enjoy touching different garments and the feeling of them while imagining how different pieces of clothing would look like in combination.
I definitely enjoy clothes who are different and edgy and this also is reflected in my style. I find accessories so important as they give you the possibility either to underline your fashion statements or even to transform the whole look to a completely different one.

I am excited to show you my personal understanding of fashion. I don't think fashion is about being "the prettiest one" but to be yourself. Everyone should try to give an individual and maybe even an artistic form to their style of clothing.

For some it may seem a little bit weird that I decided to blog in English altough I am actually from Germany, but I did this for several reasons. First one is that I am studying English and here I can practise a little (so native speakers please be kind ;)) and I also hope to get a higher amount of readers by doing so - maybe at least in the distant future^^

Finally some information about me: I am a student from Bavaria (but actually studying and living in Marburg near Frankfurt with my boyfriend). I am quite old, 28, but my 19 years old brother might be the one who kept me young ;) I have a very close relationship to my whole family.
Apart from fashion I also love music and art, photography, buying and selling clothes and DIY and much more but I dont want to bore you...

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