The Gold Rush Continues

Hello again, 
I really have itchy fingers these days because I am so excited in taking pictures and writing this Blog. Soon, this might get a little less often, as I am then starting to write my final examination paper. How do you like this look? I am really proud of my latest Urban Outfitters bargain: The black hotpants with golden spots on it for only 6 Euros. So if you have an Urban Outfitters in your city or somewhere near, I totally recommend to you to go there and take a look!

Belt: Urban Outfitters//Hotpants: Urban Outfitters SALE//Velvet Shirt: Vintage (Flea Market)

THE BARGAIN SHORTS                                                                                    

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Alba hat gesagt…

These shorts definetly are a must have. Love the way you use complements to embellish the look. It really provides more sophistication to it. By the way I do already have a tweed pair by H&M.