Beauty Favs

Today I want to show you the three beauty gadgets that are most important for me:

My beauty all-time favourites are:
Shocking Mascara by Yves Saint Laurent
Touche Eclat Concealer by Yves Saint Laurent
Eyeliner by Adessa

As YSL (is the make up line also called "Saint Laurent" now??) is quite pricey, I ask for it for my Brithday or Christmas. But these products are kind of "magical" for me.
The "Touche Eclat" who is omnipresent in the media, really does an excellent job for me. I actually have very dark circles that are not caused by a lack of sleep but inherited, so I use it for covering them up. In fact, it does not only conceal them but it brightens and lights up the respective area.

The "Shocking" Mascara really is shocking, but in a good way!^^ I dont have very long and full lashes, and most important to me is that the look black and volumized. The length is not that significant for me as I don't see the point in having some very long lashes but without any volume at all. So if you want to have black and full lashes, this might be the right product for you as well.

The "Adessa" Eyeliner is the best one I've ever had, because it works really precisely. You can get it in selected beauty salons.

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